dimanche 15 juin 2008

usage du Napalm en Irak par les USA

The Iraqi Rabita -League reveals crimes committed by the American occupation forces in conjunction with the Iraqi forces in Mosul



June 10, 2008

In another round of American crimes against the people of Iraq, the information about to be provided , will show the extent of the American lawless hysteria and its total disregard for human lives. And will also show the criminal complicity of those who took the Americans as military and political allies and as friends and who provide to them their services -- all conducted in the Green Zone.

On the eve of Wenesday 11.7.2007, heavy fighting broke out in the Sheikh Fathi center in the Zanjilia district from unknown armed men.

American helicopter planes rushed and some of these unknown armed men fired at the planes.

The americans responded by using forbidden weapons and bombed the house of a Taha Al-Janbil, a Judge. All those who were in the house were immediately killed.

We met the Judge Taha. Al-Janbil who was not at home when this murder happened and he informed us of the following :

1)- After the crime, the Americans came to visit him and gave him the name of some senior American army member. So he understood that this was an attempt by some Americans to cover up for their crime --- by providing the name of a high up American army name.

2)- several TV stations and newspapers came to Mosul to see for themselves, but the following channels even though they received the reports refused to air or publish it - these channels were Dubai TV, Naharain TV and Baghdad TV.

3)- the judge Taha believes that the americans used weapons that are forbidden and he believes they were phosphorus bombs. One family member Farhan Ahmed who arrived at the scene tried saving another member but was burned himself when he tried carrying this family member and got his hands lightly burned. He went to the hospital to treat those light burns only to see that they turned green and he died from phosphorus /napalm poisoning .

4)- The members from Judge Taha Al-Janbil family who were killed that day by the Americans were.

- Ahmad Jamil Al-Janbil - 70 years old - the grandfather
- Hameeda Brahim al Balwee - 63 years old - the grandmother
- Farhan Ahmad Jameel - 43 years old - the son.
- Muawiya Ahmad Jameel - 30 years old - the son
- Ahmad Farhan Ahmad - 13 years old - the grandson
- Hatem Farhan Ahmad - 10 years old - the grandson.

- the only survivor with severe burns - Jameela Ahmad Jameel - the daughter
and another 11 severly wounded from the homes in the vicinity.

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